Çiğdem Gül


Quotes about Çiğdem Gül


She is a sophisticated woman and a spirit of the times (Fein- und Zeitgeist), woman, Turkish woman.“  (Jona Jakob, Business Coach in Zurich, Bern, Frankfurt and Aschaffenburg)


She is dancer between all worlds and cultures.“ (Dr. Raina Kloess)


Dear Çiğdem, remain in my thoughts as a curry mixture, this crocus fragrance, this sweet pepper and cumin, remain in my thoughts as the blackness of Turkish coffee and may our continuing gesture of friendship like a cup of tea.“ (Jona Jakob, Business Coach in Zurich, Bern, Frankfurt and Aschaffenburg)



Çiğdem Gül is an Economist, Change Management Consultant, Business Coach, Intercultural Coach For The Highly Gifted, Online Marketing Manager and Freelance Journalist.

She was born in Erzincan/Turkey and moved with her family to Germany, when she was four years old.

One of her important mentors was her former teacher Fakir Baykurt, who taught Turkish during her time in secondary school in Duisburg/Germany. Fakir Baykurt was a famous author in Turkey before he passed away in 1999 in Essen/Germany.

As a migrant and without a formal entry certificate for university she nevertheless realized her dream, went to university and graduated. She worked as personnel and organisation manager.  She also worked as legal guardian, case guardian (Verfahrenspflegerin) and court interpreter for three local courts. As a legal guardian she also represented refugees.

By spending the last ten years in the company of highly gifted and highly sensitive persons she was able to realize her own highly gifted, highly sensitive, and her scanner personality.

In May 2015 Çiğdem Gül founded this “INTERCULTURAL NETWORK FOR THE HIGHLY GIFTED” as an alternative choice to THE MENSA SOCIETY for highly gifted people. Here they can come together virtually and in real life, meet each other to exchange views, experiences, and to discuss topics of interest.

It is Çiğdem Gül´s mission to build bridges on several levels of many cultures… to paint these bridges in colour and so offer people the opportunity to reduce prejudices and misunderstandings regarding the other and otherness. As founder of this network she wants to lift the curtain in order to show particularly the intercultural aspect of highly giftedness, the world of the highly gifted immigrants and refugees.


How would Çiğdem Gül describe herself?


„My name is Çiğdem Gül.

As “MENSCHialistin”, child of turkish-based parents I left my simple and beautiful village in Anatolia/Turkey, when I was four years old. It was the first time I got in a plane. I had no idea, what a colourful and interesting life I was about to expect in civilization. In a different country. In Germany. Three years that I realize I am a late identified highly gifted, scanner, and a highly sensitive person.


I am not a genius.


I am not a green martian woman waving a little flag of turkish migration…:-)


I am not a black sheep. I am a flowered, lined, spotted and checkered Anatolian “sheep”, who tries to maintain her childlike love, happiness and childish curiosity in a world which feels “wrong” and “opposed”. This is no easy project, when you are different and your roots are in the Turkish culture.


I idealize neither Germany nor Turkey, but I feel home in Thailand.“


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